P. BECU - Laser Biostimulation : 12 questions to ask yourself. P. BECU, 118 pages-LIPBEC01-EN
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COLLECTION L'EXPERIENCE DES AUTRES, 118 p., March 2020 - 12 questions to ask yourself / Recommendations for choice and practice based on 30 years of experience


Having been fortunate enough, during my veterinary studies, to meet Dr Paul Nogier (internationally recognised as the father of Auriculotherapy), I soon became very interested in biostimulation, meaning the mobilisation of the self-healing capabilities of the living being using non-aggressive methods or techniques.

And amongst them, the so-called "cold" Laser, or Soft Laser quickly interested me, due to its ease of use and above all the surprising results it made possible, mainly in tissue regeneration and pain relief, both for animals and people.

I have documented this, and tried to understand how it works, but above all each time I have used it, it has reinforced my first impressions: the laser is effective!

In more than 30 years of practice, I have not performed miracles. I have even known a few failures, but when the therapeutic application was correct, I have always had positive results, often beyond my - and my patients' hopes...in particular with horses.

I have also had many opportunities to use this technology on myself, or on friends of members of the family, without of course ever replacing the opinions and medical treatments of other physicians.

Today I am regularly asked practical questions about lasers, their indications and use, and I have wished to share my experience, without any preconceived ideas, to help you answer the question: should you invest in a soft laser device or not?

The answer is yes, of course, but I'll leave it to you to discover why...

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